About Us

Hair Flair Extensions Inc

The owner and creator of Hair Flair Extensions Inc, Melanie searched high and low for quality extensions at a reasonable price. She had always suffered with thin hair and after wearing clip ins daily she wanted a more permanent approach.

Unfortunately she  found that most salons were overpriced and the freelancers were not using a high quality standard of hair. Having an entrepreneurial spirit, she determined that there was a need for high quality extensions that are affordable and started sampling hair from all over the world. It took over two years to find high quality hair that is comparable to the top salon brands at a reasonable price . Directly importing the hair herself allowed her to keep the price down and ensure lower prices for her clientele.

Soon she had clients, hairstylists and salons  flocking to her to get their hands on the premium hair.  Overwhelmed by the amount of interest Melanie started training other individuals to learn the craft and provide the best extension services around.

With a passion for making women feel beautiful there is no slowing down this hair revolution and we strive to offer the newest cutting edge technology in the art of hair extensions.