Fusion Hair Extensions

Minimal Maintenance Extensions

Fusion Hair Extensions

1. Flexible and Comfortable
These small strand by strand extensions allow them to feel just like your normal hair. That means you can style your hair like normal, wear ponytails etc.

 2. Natural Looking
Fusions are put in strand by strand. This allows your stylist to exactly match your hi-lights and low-lights.

3. Affordable
Ranging between $3-400 and lasting for 3-5 months, getting gorgeous hair can cost you less than $100 a month, now that’s worth it!

4. No Maintenance is Required
Once your fusion extensions are applied you only need to come in to have them removed. This is a great option if you don’t have the time or commitment to come in for touch up appointments..

5. Greater Styling Possibilities
Only high quality human hair is used in these extensions, making them look and feel completely natural. You can use your straightener, curling iron and other styling tools like normal. You will find the hair holds its style extremely well even without lots of styling product.
The hair does not get oily like your natural hair so you can wash a lot less, saving you time and allowing your natural hair to grow out healthier. 


Hair Flair prides itself on providing the highest quality of hair at a very affordable price. We know that healthy, long lasting hair is the key to the most natural looking extensions. We want your extensions to feel just like your normal hair and not tangle or matte like cheaper hair will.

Our hair….
100 % Healthy Cuticle Intact Human Hair
True Remy Hair Extensions
No tangling or matting even after months of wear
Extremely Durable and Flexible
Can be coloured and styled like your own hair
Maintains length, the hair doesn’t all break off like cheaper brands
Lasts Longer, saving you $$$


The process uses a heated applicator to attach the extension hair to the client’s hair. The hair extension bonds are made from keratin. They are heated and then attached to the clients hair. The adhesive then hardens as it cools. This method lasts anywhere from 3 months to 6 months depending on how you care for your extensions.

Pricing varies from $100- $400 depending on how much hair you require.