Hair Extensions and Hair Loss

Everything You Need To Know

Myths About Hair Extensions & Hair Loss

What you might have heard about hair extensions and hair loss, and what’s actually true

MYTH: Hair extensions will cause more damage to my hair.

Some types of extensions can cause more damage to your hair, but not all. There are several factors to consider:

  • Type of extension
    • Fused and clip in extensions can be damaging
  • Weight of the extension
    • The weight of some extensions can place pressure on hair follicles, which can lead to hair loss
    • Nano-link extensions weigh 0.8 gram per section, the lightest of all extensions available
  • How the extensions are installed
    • If extensions are improperly installed, damage can occur even on the healthiest hair which is why it’s always important to be sure your extensions are installed by a trained stylist
    • It is important for your stylist to match the size of each strand to a similar size section of your natural hair, so that the (minimal) weight of the extension will be spread across several hairs
  • How the extensions are maintained
    • Regardless of the type of extension you choose, there will be some special maintenance required in order to prevent or minimize damage to your natural hair
  • Nano-link extensions use the tiniest and lightest bead available on the market to attach strand by strand to your natural hair, therefore causing the least amount of damage possible of all types of extensions. Our Nano beads are also silicone-lined, which is another measure which helps to minimize damage.

MYTH: Hair extensions cause traction alopecia.

Some types of extensions can indeed cause traction alopecia, namely glued-in extensions. Traction alopecia may also occur if extensions are installed by an inexperienced or underqualified stylist.

Our Nano-link extensions are so light and tiny that they cause minimal pulling on your natural hair, and none of our clients have reported traction alopecia.

Maintenance is also very important – make sure you follow the directions on our website or from your qualified extension stylist as closely as possible to prevent pulling or damage

When you go in for your regular maintenance appointment (we recommend 6-8 weeks for thin or delicate hair, 8-12 weeks for average hair, 12-16 weeks for thick, strong hair), your stylist should be able to tell which extension strands might be pulling, and remove and reattach them to avoid damage. The stylist may also be able to rotate the areas they put extensions in, so that different hairs are under stress.

MYTH: Hair extensions look good for a short while, then get matted and you will regret getting them.

This is true for low-quality types of extensions, such as those made with non-human hair or those with cuticles that are no longer intact.

This may also be true for extensions installed by an underqualified stylist.

It is very important to maintain your extensions according to the directions from your stylist or on our website – if you do not care for your extensions properly, they can get tangled and their lifetime can be reduced.

MYTH: Hair extensions will prevent hair regrowth.

Because improperly installed extensions, more common for some types of extensions, can cause damage, this is possible, but not always the case. Nano-link extensions were designed with hair loss patients in mind, and are so tiny and light that they can be effectively installed on even the most fragile hairs.

In our experience with many hair loss clients, the opposite is true: Nano-link extensions allow the wearer’s hair to regrow, sometimes simply because they are no longer stressed out about how their hair looks.

Pros of Hair Extensions for Hair Loss

1. Semi-permanent
You can be confident in your appearance without expensive and permanent transplants.

If you change your mind or your natural hair grows back, you can get your extensions removed at any time.

2. Easy maintenance – like real hair
Yes, there are guidelines for how to take care of your extensions so that they last as long as possible and to avoid damage to your natural hair, but it’s not rocket science and it is totally worth it.

3. Great hair in one day
No need to return for repeat applications or wait months for cell regeneration – in a matter of a few hours, you will walk away with a full head of gorgeous hair!

4. Painless
No incisions or needling or any pain required to go home with lots of hair!

We admit that there is an adjustment period that may cause some itching on your scalp (you are adding up to several years’ of growth in one sitting, after all), but our extensions should never be painful.

5. Dye it, heat-style it, however you like it
You’re adding real human hair to your existing natural hair, so there’s no reason you can’t heat-style it or dye it* to match the rest of your hair colour.

Of course, your extensions aren’t attached to the follicles on your scalp that produce conditioning oil for your natural hairs, so you’ll have to add moisture yourself, and you’ll have to be a bit cautious around where the extensions are attached, but otherwise, treat your extensions just like your real hair.

*Talk to us about the best way to colour your extensions.

6. A great option for almost any kind of hair loss
Nano-link extensions are so tiny and light that they can be hidden even among very fine hairs, and on hair as short as a few inches.

We can use extensions to strategically cover bald spots and disguise thinning areas.

Our high-quality Nano-link extensions allow your natural hair to grow.

While your natural hair is growing back, you can feel confident again in your appearance.

Stress associated with hair loss can be greatly reduced while you have extensions in, since you look great! Meanwhile, since your stress levels are lowered, your natural hair is more likely to grow in faster.

7. Entirely cosmetic, not surgical
While hair transplants and regrowth injections may be appropriate for some hair loss patients, many others are hesitant to take such a permanent and costly step.

If your type of hair loss involves thinning or regrowth after a phase of telogen effluvium, we can help cosmetically so that no one will ever know the hair isn’t your own.

Hair extensions are painless and can be removed at any time.

8. No damage to your existing hair
When installed and maintained by a trained professional, extensions should not do any damage to your existing hair.

In fact, your existing hair should be able to grow back while you have your extensions in.

9. Allow your existing natural hair to breathe and grow
Because Nano-link extensions are not glued to your hair or taped to your scalp, and because there is no material covering your hair follicles (as in the case of many wigs), your natural hair can breathe and continue to grow.

10. Get your life back – sweat, swim, everything you normally do
No more making excuses for not doing what your friends are doing because of your hair – with high quality human hair extensions you can swim, work out, heat-style, and everything else you would normally do.


From bald spots to luscious locks, this client’s alopecia has become invisible with extensions.

This client suffers from mysterious breakage, but you’d never know now that she has a full head of Nanos.

Female pattern hair loss might happen to you too, but we can help! We used Nano-Link extensions and hair-building fibers on this client.