Nanolink Hair Extensions

The smallest and safest extension method


1. Lightweight and Comfortable
These extensions use a tiny bead to attach to your hair. The beads and hair can be reused for up to a year and can be used in even the thinnest hair.

2. Suitable For Thin to Thick Hair
These extensions are most suitable for thin to thick hair.

3. Reusable & Affordable
Buy it once and reuse it over and over again! Have the hair installed multiple times. These extensions last up to a year, saving you money!

4. Safe & Innovative Technology
The links apply strand by strand extension pieces. This allows your hair to move freely with no stress applied to the hair follicle.

5. Greater Styling Possibilities
Only high quality human hair is used in these extensions, making them look and feel completely natural. You can use your straightener, curling iron and other styling tools like normal. You will find the hair holds its style extremely well even without lots of styling product.

The hair does not get oily like your natural hair so you can wash a lot less, saving you time and allowing your natural hair to grow out healthier.


1. Add Length
A full head of Nano-links are recommended if you would like to add a lot of length to your hair and get that bombshell look.

2. Add Volume
If your hair is thin, a half head of Nano-links can be used to give you body and a bit of length.

3. Thicken Your Crown
If your struggling with a thinning top, Nanos can be used to give you back the thickness you want.

4. Add Colour
Don’t want to bleach your hair but looking for an ombré or balayage look? Let our Nanos do the trick. Easily add the colour of your choice for a new stunning look.


Nano-links use a very tiny bead to attach the extension piece to your natural hair.

The bead is the size of the tip of a pen, making it almost invisible. There is no glue, wax, sewing or braiding involved.

Pliers are used to clamp the bead shut on your natural hair and the extension.

When Nano-links are properly installed they are undetectable and do not slip or slide out of your hair.


Hair Flair prides itself on providing the highest quality of hair at a very affordable price. We know that healthy, long lasting hair is the key to the most natural looking extensions. We want your extensions to feel just like your normal hair and not tangle or matte like cheaper hair will.

Our hair…

  • 100 % Healthy Cuticle Intact Human Hair
  • True Remy Hair Extensions
  • No tangling or matting even after months of wear
  • Extremely Durable and Flexible
  • Can be coloured and styled like your own hair
  • Maintains length, the hair doesn’t all break off like cheaper brands
  • Lasts Longer, saving you $$$